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June 18, 2019

Skilled Workers For Immigration Into Quebec, Canada

A new Immigration plan have now been launched in the Canadian province Quebec to boost influx of immigrants from 2018. The new strategy integrates various categories for immigration but gives more preference for skilled workers besides categories such as refugees, family reunification and businessmen. Therefore, the Quebec government lays his immigration targets for skilled workers.

If you are an applicant who have been monitoring the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or the QSWP intake, this new immigration policy is for you. There will be new ventures for immigrants and skilled workers in the Quebec Immigration Plan for 2018.

Quebec’s New 2018 Immigration Plan

Unlike other Canadian provinces, Quebec has no programs linked to the federal immigration process. Quebec Province is now planning to launch a unique immigration program like the federal express entry system. Some  adjustments will be made in the immigration plan and systems, concept of the express entry may be combined in the new plan. However, no detailed information about the new immigration plan has been released from the province as well as how its going to be run. The program remains vague  for now, even as many immigrants look forward to it with eagerness.

There are two distinct categories for this new immigration plan, namely:

  •        Quebec province will choose a given number of candidates for Quebec Selection Certificate.
  •        A given number of applicants are offered Permanent residency.

Québec is a predominantly French-speaking province in eastern Canada with 2 vibrant cities in its south, connected by the Chemin du Roy highway along the Saint Lawrence River. The metropolis Montréal is named after Mt. Royal, the triple-peaked hill at its heart. Dating to 1608, Québec City retains its old colonial core, Place Royale, and historic harbor, Vieux Port, now known for nightlife.

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