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July 19, 2019

Can I Change Province After Getting PR Through Provincial Nomination?

The Provincial Nomination Program of Canada is the fastest and easiest ways for migrant aspirants looking for permanent residency. As a PR holder, you have the freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada.

Although, sometimes the immigrants are often confused about whether they are permitted to move from one province to another soon after obtaining the provincial nomination.

Provincial Nomination Program permits migrants to come and settle in the province on a permanent basis to contribute to the growth of the Canadian economy.

However, with a provincial nomination from one of Canadian territories for Canada PR, are you sure you can migrate anywhere in Canada as soon as you get there? This is quite a tricky question and the answer is more difficult than you think!

Can One Change Province After Getting PR Through PNP?

The government of Canada gives you the freedom of ‘Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom to migrate and live anywhere in Canada. This right was established so that all permanent residents and citizens have the right to move in Canada and take up residence and work in any Canadian province.

As a PR migrating to a particular province, at the point of entry you have to comply with the basic conditions or criteria to show border officials.

They will then confirm that you fulfill all of the requirements and rule as newly migrant. If they see any inconsistency about your intention to reside in the province that has selected you, they might send you back to your home country.

Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid instantly changing the province where you are supposed to live. As a prospective migrant to Canada, you have to fulfill all federal law of the province or territory that choose you and a part of it states that living and working in the province for a minimum period of time.

Thus, if there is any single doubt on you by the immigration officials as per your plan to change or insincerity about taking up residence in the nominated province you might lose Canada PR chances.

For example, if you received a nomination from Manitoba province and you have no desire to live or work in the province and if the officials discover this then there are high chances of forfeiting your PR status. This will, in the end, hamper your next nomination chances.

Well, it is not that you cannot move to another province soon after obtaining your PR nomination, you may but for that, you have to convince the province of the reasons of your shifting.

So, you have to be able to document and substantiate yourself by providing the valid and solid reasons for shifting out of the province that nominates you.

The ideal time to shift out of province that nominates you is when you have lived in that province for a minimum of 2 years. But, many of the migrants prefer to shift after 2 years.

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